Our mission

We help the participants enjoy and learn the great outdoors of Sri Lanka. Come stressed out, dull but go back with refreshed minds respecting the gain of good health and reminisces of fun activity!  We present to you unlike no other, the awe- inspiring creations of nature, our glorious past and culture that makes Sri Lanka unique. With well researched facts, folklore and fables brought into rea life with safe and expertly delivered sessions. Experience Adventure that Sri Lanka offers in ways that are fully customized and affordable.

Through establishing high standards of quality, safety and care, we make sure that every activity is an opportunity for unique Fun, Knowledge and Skill.  Be it the equipment that we use, practices and standards that we adhere to or the hands-on advice that we provide, participants’ enjoyment, comfort, health and safety remains our top priority.

All our activities strictly adhere to and promote the nature conservation /preservation within the context of a developing nation. All service providers that come to delivery many varied services to our clients abide by these requirements. In return we assist local operators and service providers to gain benefits from our programs through generating income sources and facilitating close contacts with internationally renowned experts and knowledge groups. Collectively we make sure that all activities Care for the people and environment we live in, and preservation for future is paramount.

We give back to communities through gestures of charity. We help local communities benefit, through participatory employment opportunities and educational assistance to children.

Product information

Ours is a unique concept of recreation activities for good health, knowledge and bonding – for family and like-minded people.

These include;

Hiking, mountaineering, trekking and health walks – on misty hills at dawn and sunset. Pure bliss! Spend the nights in an old colonial plantation bungalow and discover a part of history that is fast vanishing. Indulge in all the comforts and preserve the memories for life!

Biking and cycling tours – mountains, lake country and the busy metropolis of Colombo or your dream location anywhere within Sri Lanka. These could be one day events to multiday cross country programmes. Any level of skill, and equipment requirements will be catered to.

Body boarding/ stand-up paddle boarding-This is definitely for the waistline watchers. You don’t have to be a swimmer at all! This is a fun filled family activity aimed at providing quality time together and close bonding.

Camping and Off-road adventure – What better way to enjoy Family time than at a cozy campfire. All included packages that let you experience locations of your choice and scalable services to your liking. If you want to upscale and consider Glamping, we do that too

Nature trail discovery for all that is wildlife– For the academically inclined and for shutterbugs we provide fully customized programmes to match your requirements and level of interest. From bird watching to Leopard trails, free roaming elephants to fast swimming whales and dolphins, all of these activities come within our scope.

Sea adventure – Snorkeling, sea life observation and study. This is for sea gazers and serious swimmers

Colombo City Walks– The ultimate blend of history from colonial era, significant achievements of people and periods, stories behind buildings and road names and monuments that shaped the country to what it is, narrated and delivered to imagination

Small to large group outings and activity for Senior Citizens – showing our gratitude /commitment to people who made the foundation for us to do what we do. To give these people happy times in the evenings of their lives. For the spiritually inclined a light session of yoga, meditation, chanting and discussions could be included as needed.

Theme based camps for Children – Residential camp-outs with virtue based learning content. Here we commit to create a positive environment for the next generation. To keep away from all the negative influences of today’s society.

Be an Elephant Keeper (for a day)– This is one of our recent additions. To educate children the value and the responsibility of caring for elephants under supervision. We firmly believe that educating children on the aspects of Elephant-Man conflict and propagating the need to care for these giants of the wilds will do much to eliminate the negative association of this issue.

With our know how, expertise, sound track record we intend offering most innovative, safe, unique and professionally delivered programs available in Sri Lanka today.

As indicated, our programs are highly customized to fit to the needs of children, families, foreign tourists, corporate executives, Interest groups such as research parties etc. Each program in their successive runs is detailed to specific needs of the participants. Their health, medical standing, habits, behaviors and preferences (food, rest and play) all are taken into account to make our programs appeal to everyone, every time.

Social and environmental impact

All on the positive

We source expert advice and guidance form international experts and knowledge bodies for our nature/ wild life activities – making sure we apply up-to-date, leading knowledge and practices available to academics and field practitioners across the world. We have been referred to in many respected nature/wildlife and business publications alike. Please see …………( link to media section).

With a current follower base of almost 20,000 people on social media platforms we open up channels of communications with a larger stakeholder groups. This is our commitment to be responsible and be transparent in all our activities and engagements with nature and society.

A Renewed Aspiration

We have “Great Sri Lankan Adventures” in our DNA. We believe this country offers as much scope for adventure as any other place on earth. The opportunity may be too early to surface, but it sure is on the right track.
Facing the Pandemic and looking well beyond it, we have designed and are fully geared to deliver a host of new programmers to both the well deserving locals and daring foreign tourists.

Beyond a Business

We discover hitherto unknown/ lesser known or now not frequented trails, sites, locations and attractions. This creates added, renewed interest among the participants and public. Our objective of conservation and preservation could be achieved through awareness creation, and channeling relevant authorities to take necessary action.

We source assistance from local service providers e.g. boat operators, jeep hire, accommodation providers in the relevant areas. Further we source labor locally as well as all supplies – fruits, vegetables promoting wherever possible the unique supplies of that area, thereby giving added income sources to people.

We uplift practices and infrastructure available with local suppliers and facilities. Be it the comfort and the safety aspects of the boats and jeeps, medical first aid, night illumination around campsites by the use of solar power, safe disposal of waste, these practices introduced by our work have now been adapted by the local operators. Other are benefitting from what we’ve introduced.

On a charitable platform, we distribute educational aid in the form of books, toys to young children from less privileged communities. Through the grateful assistance of large group of followers of our activities on social media, past participants of our programs, interested parties and well-wishers we gather substantial amount of supplies as donations for the betterment of a few education facilities in selected areas.

On a broader scenario, we are involved in lobbying nature conservation and preservation.

This involved clearing of old trails abandoned for almost 3 decades- for visitors to travel. Teaming up with “Friends of Wilpattu” we have managed to uplift infrastructure and availability safe drinking water for the park goers.

As a member of Adventure Tourism – Land/Water advising committee of the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority we have contributed towards the formulation of Guidelines for Adventure Tourism. We have also made presentations in collaboration with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) in uplifting standard practices in Kalpitiya fishing community. We also act as local coordinators for select group of expert wildlife specialists for assignments.

It remains our firm intention and committed effort to help the staff and local communities connected to the parks to benefit through all our activities.