Types of hikes we offer

  • High Altitude Hikes (Hikes above 1500 meters / 4900 feet above sea level)
  • Low Altitude Hikes – Hikes below 4900 feet (1500 meters)

High Altitude Hikes (Hikes above 1500 meters / 4900 feet above sea level)

You shouldn’t skip high-altitude destinations just because you are concerned about acclimatization. Hiking with a guiding company is a great way to ensure that you take the time to acclimate and have first-aid trained professional guides who understand the symptoms of altitude sickness. The good news is that the Highest Hike we offer is at  2,388 m (7,835 ft) majority of those who experience altitude sickness find it relatively mild and limiting — NOT debilitating. And symptoms usually decline as altitude acclimatization occurs. All in all, don’t be afraid, be smart. Coming prepared, and recognizing the signs are the best ways to combat altitude sickness. The LA team offers guided backpacking trips and pottered Hikes & treks in high-altitude experiences such as K1, MOS & Spirit Mountain Expedition. We build in acclimatization activities so that your body will be prepared when we hit the trail! These trips are a stress-free, exciting way to hike at high elevations. We handle permits, gear, transportation, meals, and provide a professional host/guide so you can focus 100% on enjoying your adventure.

Few More HA Hikes we offer are – Single Tree Hill, Thotupola & Great Western Mountain all part of the 2K challenge.