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Hiking & Trekking


First steps of preparing your self is having the correct mental attitude, physical fitness, adequate water and food consumption, these are essential to the success of any hike or trek. Another important factor is about having the correct gear. The below is a guideline created from our experiences. Please note these are ourrecommendations only;


What to wear – Pants are a must (Thicker the material better) as it would protect you from scrapes & scratches (Tight Jeans not recommended). A long sleeve shirt (is optional) as again it would protect your arms from scrapes & scratches. A rubber soled shoes with an aggressive tread pattern (Not tennis shoes). Pair of thick gloves to protect your hands. Dark colours are appropriate so as not to spook Wildlife.


What to bring - A backpack (Your pack weight should not be more than one third of your body weight), water bottle (Min 2ltrs), Pocketknife, hiking stick (optional) will help balance your self-better. Carry a litterbag; always pack in what you pack out.

Under our Green Philosophy, we practice international standard code of “Tread Lightly”. 
Please find below the few do’s & dont's;
    • Before and after a hike, wash your gear and support vehicle to reduce the spread of invasive species.
    • Stay on the trail even if it is rough and muddy.
    • Walking on the track edge increases damage, causing erosion and visual scarring.
    • Walk single file to avoid widening the trail.