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“Little Adventures” is an outfit specializing in organizing Adventure, Wildlife, Hiking, Heritage, & 4x4 Expeditions in Sri Lanka. From small to large-scale group outings, may it be private or company trip. 

We provide an ideal getaway if you are looking for some out of the box activities, Tired of the Boring Hotel Stays and want to do something different or just “getting away” with your families and friends for some Adventure and fun.

We invite you to join us on our Adventures Holidays as we offer a kaleidoscope of experiences, ranging from wildlife, heritage & history, Land or offshore exploration, Cultural mysteries and many more activities that has never been publicized before. 

Our objective is to explore every corner of this beautiful Island in the true spirit of adventure. We will arrange all logistics and meals so as our fellow adventures can enjoy a headache free Holiday.
Traveling & General
Our concept is to encourage fellow adventures to tag along in your own vehicle on our organized holidays.

This way you could enjoy the best of Sri Lanka has to offer. Any guest is free to break away or join the tour at any point. If required transport could be arranged.
Why Little Adventures ?
We unique in every aspect as contrary to traditional travel guides; we do not just show you beaches, historical destinations, waterfalls and so on; rather our tours are focused on unseen or off-limits parts of Sri Lanka, where we have identified as the places to explore.

Moreover, we specialize in broad area covering sea adventures, wild holidays, road safaris, hiking and trekking as well as wild adventures. We offer package tours on scheduled dates or customize it according to the requirements of our clients.

Adventure Specialist personally conducts all our tours to enhance the experience. We not only conduct the tour but also arrange everything you need for the tour. The highest quality of adventure gear, food and accommodation makes us unique from others. We not only do the tour but also arrange you everything you need for the tour. The highest quality of adventure gear, food and accommodation make the Little Adventure group unique from others.